PART 2: Select the correct irregular verb and change it to the past tense.

find - hold - make - pay - sit - spin - stick - stand - win - do - go - have

1. After the long test, Bob __had__ a bad headache.

2. A piece of gum __stuck__ to my shoe when I was walking home.

3. Before she __spun__ the roulette wheel, my grandma crossed her fingers for good luck.

4. My grandpaís favorite horse __won__ the race this afternoon.

5. The old chair broke when Bruce __sat__ on it.

6. My aunt __made__ pancakes for dinner last night.

7. Sally __went__ to the bank yesterday morning to cash her check.

8. The bellboy __held__ the suitcase while he waited for his tip.

9. We __stood__ in line for two hours this morning to ride the new ride.

10. Two weeks ago, Tom __found__ a wallet while he was walking through the park.

11. Annís landlord was mad at her because she __paid__ her rent late.

12. Freddy __did__ his homework fast because he wanted to watch TV.

PART 3: Choose the correct irregular verb.

1. John (stuck, did, made) the laundry and the dishes last night.

2. Last month, Juan (held, had, won) a lot of money in Las Vegas.

3. Marty (made, did, had) a good time at the party last night.

4. Some pieces of egg (stuck, sat, did) to the frying pan after Alice made breakfast.

5. The champions (had, made, held) up the trophy after they won the championship.

6. Everybody (paid, stood, spun) up and did the wave at the football game.

7. Wendy (won, went, did) home early today because she was tired.

8. Tim (had, held, sat) in the waiting room for an hour.

9. We were all happy because Will (won, paid, found) for our dinner last night.

10. Jimmy (won, found, spun) around on the merry-go-round this afternoon.

11. A few days ago, Al (spun, found, went) a valuable, old painting in his attic.

12. Because she loves birds, Amy (made, paid, held) a birdhouse for her backyard.