PART 2: Select the correct irregular verb and change it to the past tense.

teach - think - fight - rise - buy - drive - write - bring - catch - ride

1. Rose wasnít awake when the sun __rose__ this morning.

2. The two boxers __fought__ hard, but neither one won.

3. Before he went to the party, Bob stopped by the store and __bought__ a bottle of champagne for $100.

4. Before she went to bed, Tina __wrote__ about her day in her diary.

5. Yesterday, our English teacher __taught__ us about the irregular verbs.

6. Because the road was very wet, I __rode__ my bicycle very slowly.

7. Last night, Marty went to a potluck, and he __brought__ chips and dip.

8. The teacher tossed the stapler to Sally, and she barely __caught__ it.

9. Two weeks ago, Johnny __drove__ to the mountains to go camping.

10. After Bill __thought__ about the math question, he was able to answer it.

PART 3: Choose the correct irregular verb.

1. Steve and Ann (write, wrote, written) a letter to their landlord last week.

2. Bobby (fought, caught, thought) that the movie we saw last night was good.

3. Because she had some extra money, Elaine (bought, wrote, brought) the used car from her neighbor.

4. Although he likes to gamble, James has never (drove, driven, drive) to Las Vegas.

5. Harold (bought, taught, caught) a cold from his wife last week.

6. The pizza dough hasnít (rise, rose, risen) yet.

7. When we were young, my siblings and I (taught, fought, bought) with each other all the time.

8. Mike (brought, rode, wrote) his dictionary to class so that he could look up the new words.

9. Although he likes animals, Willy has never (ride, ridden, rode) a horse.

10. Brianís uncle (taught, bought, brought) him how to play the guitar last year.