PART 2: Select the correct irregular verb and change it to the past tense.

bleed - lead - light - feed - shoot - slide - read - meet - sell - speed - lose - tell

1. The hunter aimed his gun and __shot__ the flying goose.

2. When it was their bedtime, the grandfather __told__ his grandkids a ghost story.

3. Bob __met__ his blind date at his favorite restaurant.

4. During her break, Becky __lit__ her cigarette with a match.

5. Ms. Smithís finger __bled__ for an hour after she accidentally cut it on a sharp can lid.

6. Mike __sold__ his bike that he really liked at his garage sale.

7. After Wally fell down on the ice skating rink, he __slide__ into a wall.

8. The dangerous criminal __speed__ on the freeway as he tried to get away from the police.

9. Mr. Green felt blue after he __read__ the sad book.

10. Jill __fed__ her new puppy soft food

11. Because he was foolish, Mr. Ross __lost__ a lot of money at the casino.

12. The general __led__ his soldiers across the hot desert.

PART 3: Choose the correct irregular verb.

1. Yesterday, Ralph (lit, bled, lost) his wallet on the bus.

2. Last week, the car salesman (fed, sold, slid) two cars every day.

3. Ryan (met, led, told) a lie when his boss asked him why he was late.

4. Because he was late for an appointment, Ted (sped, lost, bled) on the freeway.

5. The basketball player (shot, led, told) the ball at the last second, but it didnít go in.

6. While she was on the plane, Jane (slid, read, fed) a few books about horses.

7. Jimís mouth (lit, lost, bled) after John punched him.

8. The mother duck (led, sped, lit) her ducklings to the lake.

9. Mary (lit, read, met) her husband for lunch at the mall.

10. When Allison crossed the line, she (met, told, slid) on the slippery bowling alley.