PART 2: Select the correct irregular verb and change it to the past tense.

set - beat - spread - cut - quit - cost - hit - hurt - bet - spit - put - let

1. The little boyís mother __cut__ the crust off his sandwich.

2. The little boyís father __spread__ peanut butter and jelly on the bread.

3. Ann __quit__ her job because it was too stressful.

4. Fred __hit__ the man who insulted his wife.

5. Fredís hand really __hurt__ after he hit the man.

6. The Lakers __beat__ the Clippers last night.

7. Tom couldnít buy the new car because it __cost__ too much.

8. The baseball player __spit__ chewing tobacco on the field.

9. Jillís boss __let__ her go home early because she wasnít feeling well.

10. Anna __set__the table for dinner

11. John __bet__ a lot of money on his favorite horses at the horsetrack.

12. After Mike finished reading the book, he __put__ it back on the bookshelf.

PART 3: Choose the correct irregular verb.

1. My landlord (let, set, bet) me pay my rent late last month.

2. Our groceries (bet, cost, hurt) a lot of money because we didnít have any coupons.

3. Sally (spread, quit, hurt) the sheets on the bed.

4. The Dodgers didnít (spit, beat, cost) the Angels last night.

5. After he finished coughing, the man (spit, set, quit) on the ground.

6. Mary (put, beat, bet) her keys in her purse before she got out of her car.

7. The boxer (cost, hit, quit) the other boxer with his right hand.

8. Have you ever accidentally (cut, set, put) your finger with a knife?

9. Have you ever (quit, put, cut) a job because it was too difficult for you?

10. Have you ever (hurt, cost, let) yourself when you were exercising?