PART 1: Try to find the letter that has the correct meaning for the underlined expressions.

1) __e__ ďI missed my favorite TV show last night. Can you explain the story in a nutshell for me?Ē

2) __b__ ďYou should be nice to your parents. Donít bite the hand that feeds you

3) __h__ ďDid you know that Jim crashed his parentís car? Heís really in hot water now.Ē

4) __f__ ďOur boss is on vacation this week. When the catís away, the mice will play

5) __d__ ďNorman normally daydreams during class. He never pays attention.Ē

6) __a__ ďBert got cold feet the night before his wedding.Ē

7) __g__ ďGet a life! All you do is study your textbooks all day long.Ē

8) __c__ ďI hope you do well in your show tonight. Break a leg

a) to become uncertain and nervous; to have second thoughts about a decision

b) it means: you should be nice to the people who are nice to you and take care of you

c) a way to say good luck in the entertainment business (wishing good luck is bad luck)

d) to dream while awake; to not pay attention because youíre thinking about something else

e) briefly; in a short summary

f) it means: when the authority figure is gone, people are not afraid of getting into trouble

g) it means: you should find something better, more exciting to do with your time

h) in trouble

PART 2: Try to put the right expression in the right place.

daydreams - when the catís away, the mice will play - in a nutshell

A: I had to go to a parent-teacher conference today for Billy.

B: Uh-oh. __In a nutshell__, what did his teacher say?

A: Well, she said that, overall, heís a good student. He usually tries hard on his tests and homework.

B: Hey, thatís good. In fact, Iím a little surprised. Did she say anything else?

A: Yeah. She only had two complaints. One, Billy __daydreams__ during class a lot.

B: Thatís not so bad. Whatís the other one?

A: Well, last week, his class had a substitute teacher. I guess Billy caused a few problems. Like, when the teacher turned around, Billy made faces and then all the other students laughed.

B: Hmm. Well, thatís normal, isnít it? __When the catís away, the mice will play__.

A: Right. But I donít want Billy to be the class clown.

getting cold feet - donít bite the hand that feeds you - break a leg - in hot water

A: Hey, Iím glad I saw you before your big show. __Break a leg__! Youíre going to do great.

B: Thanks, but Iím not so sure about that.

A: Why? Are you nervous?

B: Of course. I have never played the piano in front of so many people before. I think Iím __getting cold feet__.

A: Are you for real? But youíre going to do great. Donít worry about it.

B: I donít think I can do this. I think Iím going to leave.

A: If you leave, you piano teacher wonít be very happy. Youíll be __in hot water too__ too.

B: Oh, who cares about that now?

A: What? Look, __donít bite the hand that feeds you__. Your teacher paid a lot of money to rent this fancy room for your concert. Heís very proud of you.

B: Right. But Iím too nervous. I canít do it. Tell him Iím sorry. Bye.

A: Hey, where are you going? Wait!