PART 1: Try to find the letter that has the correct meaning for the underlined expressions.

1) __f__ “You should be nice. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.”

2) __c__ “Don’t make any trouble, even if your boss is wrong. Just go with the flow.”

3) __e__ “I was so cold that I had goose bumps on my arms.”

4) __a__ “Change a flat tire? No big deal. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry could do that.”

5) __g__ “Before I go on stage to perform, I always have butterflies in my stomach.”

6) __g__ “Timmy’s always squirming in his seat. He must have ants in his pants.”

7) __h__ “I’m tired of all your jokes and childish behavior. Act your age, not your shoe size.”

8) __d__ “Did you see that guy running around in his birthday suit?”

a) another way to say “anybody”

b) to be restless; to not be able to sit still

c) to accept things as they are and cooperate

d) not wearing any clothes

e) small bumps on your skin that appear when you are cold or have the chills

f) if you don’t like being made fun of, you shouldn’t make fun of other people

g) to be nervous

h) don’t be immature

PART 2: Try to put the right expression in the right place.

have butterflies in your stomach - Any Tom, Dick, or Harry - have ants in your pants - go with the flow

A: Hey, is everything okay? Why do you keep moving around on your chair?

B: What are you talking about?

A: You keep moving around like you __have ants in your pants__. Is something wrong?

B: No. Yes. No. I mean, I don’t know. I think I’m just kind of nervous about my job interview today.

A: Oh, now I understand. You probably __have butterflies in your stomach__.

B: You’re right. I do. I really need this job. I’m broke, and I sure could use some money.

A: Well, just be yourself. Don’t worry about it.

B: Thanks, but that doesn’t help. __Any Tom, Dick, or Harry__ could have told me that.

A: Well, how about this: just __go with the flow__ during the interview. Smile, relax, and don’t be too anxious.

act your age, not your shoe size - people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks - goose bumps

A: Hey, what took you so long to get home?

B: Well, it started to sprinkle when I was at Sue’s house. I was ready to walk home, but I didn’t have an umbrella, and Sue wouldn’t let me borrow one.

A: Did you walk home in the rain?

B: What do you think? Look at me. I’m all wet. I’m freezing. Look at the __goose bumps__ on my arms.

A: Oh my goodness! Why wouldn’t she let you borrow an umbrella?

B: Because she said that I wouldn’t return it. She said that she didn’t trust me. That really hurt my feelings.

A: Hmm. That’s strange.

B: Well, in my opinion, Sue’s a real dummy.

A: Hey, don’t say that. You don’t like it when people hurt your feelings. __people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks__.

B: I know, I know. I guess I’m just a little angry right now.

A: Calling Sue names won’t make things better. That’s what little kids do. You’re an adult. __Act your age, not your shoe size__.