PART 1: Try to find the letter that has the correct meaning for the underlined expressions.

1) _____ “That diamond ring might be nice, but it costs an arm and a leg.”

2) _____ “Look, a twenty dollar bill! It’s mine now. Finders keepers, losers weepers.”

3) _____ “He sounds like he has a frog in his throat this morning.”

4) _____ “When I watch TV while talking on the phone, I lose my train of thought.”

5) _____ “I tried to keep a straight face when my boss spilled coffee on his pants.”

6) _____ “Well, it’s pretty late. I guess we should hit the road.”

7) _____ “Sue is always talking on the phone. She’s a real chatterbox.”

8) _____ “He never goes outside and watches too much TV. He’s a couch potato.”

a) to try hard not to laugh at something

b) to forget about what you’re talking about while you’re talking

c) someone who talks a lot

d) to leave, to go away

e) it means: someone who finds something is happy; someone who loses it is sad

f) someone who sits on the couch and watches TV all day

g) to have a hoarse voice, like when you’re sick

h) to be very expensive; to cost a lot of money

PART 2: Try to put the right expression in the right place.

lost my train of thought - hit the road - cost an arm and a leg

A: Well, today is the day. In about one hour, I’m going to propose to my girlfriend.

B: Good luck. I hope everything goes well. Hey, by the way, can I see the engagement ring?

A: Sure. Here. It _________________________, but I don’t care.

B: What do you mean you don’t care?

A: It’s only money. That’s what it’s for. Besides, uh, uh . . .

A: What?

B: Uh, uh, I can’t remember, I guess I ____________________.

A: Maybe you’re just nervous about today. Don’t be. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

B: Thanks. Well, I guess it’s time to ___________________. Wish me luck.

finders keepers, losers weepers - couch potato - kept a straight face - have a frog in your throat

A: Hey, are you feeling better? I noticed that you didn’t come to work yesterday.

B: A little better. I stayed home yesterday and rested. I was a ___________________ all day long.

A: Yeah, you still sound a little sick. It sounds like you _________________________.

B: Well, you better stay away, unless you want to get sick.

A: I will.

B: Did anything interesting happen yesterday while I was gone?

A: Well, our boss was eating a hamburger for lunch, and he took a big bite, and some ketchup fell on his shirt. It was really funny, but I didn’t want to get in trouble, so I ________________________.

B: Did anything else happen?

A: Uh, not really. Oh, I almost forgot. I found five dollars on the bathroom floor yesterday.

B: Did you keep it?

A: Of course. _________________________.