PART 1: Try to find the letter that has the correct meaning for the underlined expressions.

1) _____ ďThe feuding brothers decided to bury the hatchet after their motherís death.Ē

2) _____ ďThe wife accused her husband of being spineless and made him sad.Ē

3) _____ ďThe patient couldnít make heads or tails of the doctorís messy writing.Ē

4) _____ ďI forgive you for breaking my vase. After all, thereís no use crying over spilled milk

5) _____ ďMr. Downey was down in the dumps after he lost thousands of dollars at the casino.Ē

6) _____ ďWhen Bill was young, his older brothers always used to gang up on him.Ē

7) _____ ďRickís poor grandfather had one foot in the grave when Rick visited him last week.Ē

8) _____ ďThe deadline to register for college was last week, but I forgot. I guess I missed the boat

a) to not be able to understand something

b) not brave; cowardly

c) sad

d) to unite with a few other people and harass someone

e) to be near death; to be almost ready to die

f) to reconcile; to make peace

g) to miss an opportunity

h) there is no reason to complain about things in the past that you canít change

PART 2: Try to put the right expression in the right place.

thereís no use crying over spilled milk - couldnít make heads or tails of - down in the dumps

A: Hey there. Howís it going? You donít seem to be yourself today. Is something wrong?

B: Yeah, I guess you could say that Iím kind of ____________________.

A: Yeah, I thought so. Whatís the matter? Did something happen?

B: Well, I took a math test today. An important one. And I did bad, really bad. I got an F.

A: Really? Thatís not good. I bet your parents wonít be happy.

B: You know, Iím just not any good at math, and I _____________________________ the questions on the test.

A: Thatís too bad. Did you at least try to study for the test?

B: Uh, not really.

A: Well, maybe next time, you should try to study a little bit. But for now, donít worry about it. After all, _____________________________.

bury the hatchet - spineless - missed the boat

A: Can we talk for a few minutes? I have something I want to tell you.

B: Iím not talking to you. You know that. Leave me alone.

A: I know, I know. But just listen. I know we havenít been getting along, and we havenít talked to each other for a whole week, but I think itís time to ____________________. I want to apologize.

B: Well, thatís nice, but youíre too late. You ___________________.

A: Look. You donít have to talk. I will. Just listen. Please. I feel really bad about what I said. Please.

B: Well, okay. Go ahead. Iím listening.

A: Well, last week we got into a fight, and I said some mean things. Iím sorry for calling you ___________________. I guess I just lost my temper. Will you forgive me?

B: Do you really mean it? Youíre not just pretending?

A: No, I really mean it, with all my heart.

B: Okay then, I forgive you. Although now itís clear that youíre the spineless one.

A: What?