PART 1: Try to find the letter that has the correct meaning for the underlined expressions.

1) __e__ “I put my foot in my mouth when I made a joke about lawyers, and one heard me.”

2) __a__ “I was ticked off when I found out that the landlord was going to raise our rent.”

3) __d__ “The man wanted a divorce because he felt that his wife was too bossy.”

4) __b__ "My friend said that I would never finish college, but I did, so now he has to eat crow.”

5) __h__ “Let’s go out for dinner, but I don’t have much money, so we have to go Dutch.”

6) __c__ “Although we were looking forward to our vacation, it was nothing to write home about.”

7) __g__ “What? Are you kidding? You think that I’m an idiot? Well, it takes one to know one.”

8) __f__ “During their break, the employees like to chew the fat in the breakroom.”

a) angry

b) to admit that you were wrong

c) not exciting; kind of boring

d) similar to a boss; always giving orders

e) to speak carelessly and accidentally offend someone

f) to talk casually; to chat

g) it means: you are the thing that you are calling me, too

h) to go out to eat and have everyone pay for their own meal

PART 2: Try to put the right expression in the right place.

chewing the fat - put my foot in my mouth - ticked off

A: Hey, is everything okay? You look pretty worried.

B: That’s because I am. I __put my foot in my mouth__ at work today.

A: Again? What did you do this time?

B: Well, I was __chewing the fat__ with a few of my co-workers during lunch, and we were talking about work, and for some reason, I started talking about our boss.

A: Well that’s no big deal, right?

B: Well, not exactly. Right as I was saying the bad things, our boss walked by behind me, and he heard everything that I was saying.

A: Wow. Was he __ticked off__? He probably was, right?

B: Yeah. In fact, I think I’m in big trouble now. I’m certainly not very eager to go to work tomorrow.

bossy - nothing to write home about - went Dutch

A: What did you do last night? Anything interesting?

B: I went out to eat with a few friends at a new Italian restaurant.

A: Really? How was the food?

B: Well, to be honest, it was __nothing to write home about__. I was kind of disappointed.

A: Were the prices at least reasonable?

B: I guess so. We all __went Dutch__, so it didn’t cost me too much money.

A: Last week, my sister and I went out to eat dinner, but I didn’t have a very good time. She was being sort of __bossy__, and we got into an argument.

B: But how was the food?

A: Well, the food was pretty good, but the conversation was really bad.