PART 1: Try to find the letter that has the correct meaning for the underlined expressions.

1) _____ “Where’d our son get the money to buy a new car? He doesn’t have a job. Something’s fishy.”

2) _____ “Our relatives from out of state wore out their welcome after staying with us for two weeks.”

3) _____ “The teacher had the students introduce themselves to break the ice.”

4) _____ “Betty had to hit the books all day on Sunday because she had a big test on Monday.”

5) _____ “The teacher was suspicious of Ian’s test score, but she gave him the benefit of the doubt.”

6) _____ “You can’t babysit our kids tonight? That’s no big deal. We still have time to find someone.”

7) _____ “Bob got a brand-new sports car? Big deal. I wouldn’t even want one. I like my old car.”

8) _____ “Sure, you lost your job. But look on the brightside, you’ve got your health.”

a) to become irritating to someone because you have visited too long

b) suspicious

c) to believe that someone is innocent, not guilty, when you are not sure

d) no problem

e) it means: try to think about the positive things after an unfortunate time

f) to study hard

g) who cares?

h) to get rid of the awkward feeling that exists when a group of people first meets

PART 2: Try to put the right expression in the right place.

no big deal - big deal - look on the brightside - hit the books

A: Hey, do you wanna go to a movie later on?

B: Yeah, I’d love to, but I can’t. I’ve gotta stay here all day and ____________________.

A: Really? It’s the weekend. Don’t you wanna have some fun?

B: Of course, but I got a C on my last math test, and if I get another one, my grade for the class will go from an A to a B. I can’t let that happen.

A: You’re afraid of getting a B? ___________________. What’s so bad about a B?

B: Well, I have an A in every other class, and I really wanna get straight A’s this semester.

A: Well then, _______________________. It’s ____________________ if you get a B in math because you’re gonna get an A in every other class.

B: Yeah, yeah, I see your point, but I’m still not going to the movies.

give him the benefit of the doubt - wore out their welcome - fishy

A: Can I come over to your house for a while? My relatives from out of state are really bothering me.

B: Really? Sure, you can come over. What’s the problem with your relatives?

A: Well, how much time do you have? I think the biggest problem is that they _____________________ a long time ago, but they’re gonna stay for another week.

B: That’s too bad.

A: It gets worse. I have to share my room with one of my cousins, and I think he’s stealing money from my piggy bank. Can you believe that?

B: Are you for real? Why do you think that?

A: Well, something’s ____________________. Last week he didn’t have any money, and this week, I noticed that he had candy bars and toys, and at the same time, my piggy bank was missing some money.

B: Are you sure he took the money? Did you see him do it?

A: Well, no.

B: Well then, until you catch him doing it, you should ____________________.